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Christmas Decorations Project

Make decorations for the Christmas tree

Join in the festive fun and make your own Christmas decorations. Patchwork, appliqué and ribbon weaving are skills introduced on a small scale for you to enjoy.


 You will need...

Materials for making Christmas decorations

2.1 metres of red ribbon, 6mm width

2.1 metres of green ribbon, 6mm width

2 ribbon bows or you can make your own

Red fabric - 4 squares 12cm x 12cm

Patchwork templates  - 1.5 inch hexagons

Scraps of Christmas fabric for the patchwork wreath and tree

Soft toy filling

Piece of paper and a piece of Bondaweb 9cm x 9cm

Sewing needle, threads to match the fabrics, sequins and beads



The hexagon wreath is made by hand. The appliqué and ribbon weaving decorations can be made by hand or alternatively the side seams can be machined.

1cm seam allowance is used throughout.

You can buy hexagon templates or use this template here. The wreath ornaments can be made in different sizes as you wish.


 Patchwork Wreath Ornament

Making hexies for a wreath ornament

Using 12 paper templates, cut out 12 fabric pieces 1cm larger than the paper templates. Tack the fabric piece around each paper template.

Sewing hexagons together by hand

Stitch the hexagons together by oversewing the edges - we found it useful to stitch in pairs and then join them to form a wreath. Make two wreath rings with six hexagons each that you will then join together.

Make little sewn Christmas tree ornaments

Oversew the front of the wreath to the back of the wreath along the inside edge.


Adding ribbon to a tree decoration

Using a 15cm piece of ribbon, stitch in place and at the same time oversew the top hexagons together, concealing the ribbon join. Remove the paper templates.

 Stuffing a sewn Christmas tree decoration

Oversew alternate hexagons together. Gently pad out the wreath and sew the remaining edges together. Add a bow.


Christmas Tree Applique Decoration

Making template for an applique Christmas tree

Fold a piece of paper (9cm x 9cm) in half and sketch an outline of a tree and cut out for the template. Iron the Bondaweb onto the green fabric and draw the outline of the tree.


Applique Christmas tree ornament

Cut out the tree, peel off the Bondaweb background and iron onto a red square.

Decorate the tree with sequins and beads. Stitch through the sequin, then the bead and stitch back through the sequin to the underside.


Make an applique Christmas tree decoration

Add a bow to the tree and using a 15cm piece of ribbon, stitch in place.


Making easy decorations for your Christmas tree

With right sides together stitch the front and back together leaving a small gap and pad the decoration. Oversew the gap.


 Ribbon Weaving Christmas Tree Ornament

Ribbon weaving project

You will need two red squares (12cm x 12cm) and 15 strips of red and green ribbon measuring 12cm in length.


Ribbon weaving technique

Line up the strips of ribbon onto the background. Stitch in place top and bottom. This can be by machine or hand stitching. Weave the second colour in place.

Weaving with ribbon

Pin the second row in place.


Weaving with ribbons

Finish weaving the ribbons into place. Using a 15cm piece of ribbon for the hanger, stitch in place.

Adding stuffing to a small tree decoration

With right sides together stitch the front and back together leaving a small gap to pad the decoration. Oversew the gap.

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