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Child’s Kimono Top Project

How to sew a kimono top

This project has been designed by Little Miss Fancy Frocks – the dynamic mother-daughter duo who lovingly create handcrafted clothing for adults and children. Visit their Facebook page here.

Minerva Crafts have kindly provided the materials for this project. Visit them for all your sewing and crafting needs.

Make this pretty kimono top in a floaty fabric for the summer. An ideal project for the beginner to dressmaking, it incorporates two seams, double hems and hand sewn buttons.

How to sew a kimono top

You will need…

Fabric – you will require twice the finished kimono length x the width

8 buttons

Sewing thread

Sewing machine

Measuring a child to sew them a top


With arms outstretched measure from wrist to wrist and add 3cm.

How to sew a girl's top

Standing upright measure from the front of the neck to the length required and add 3cm.

Sewing children's clothes - free pattern

Sewing Instructions

Cut out two rectangles – Width required plus 3cm x length required plus 3cm.

How to hem fabric

Work a double hem on all four sides of each rectangle. Turn under half a centimetre and tack in place then turn under a second hem of 1cm and tack in place.

Free girl's kimono top tutorial

Machine stitch the long sides of each rectangle and then stitch the short sides.

Instructions for sewing a kimono

Lay one rectangle on top of the other rectangle with wrong sides together. I have placed a piece of white cord on the fabric to indicate the position of the seams.

The bottom of each piece of cord is positioned a quarter of the width in from the outer edges.

The top of the cord is positioned a third of the length from the top of the rectangle.

 Machine stitch each seam indicated by each piece of cord.

How to sew a girl's top

Find the centre at the top of the rectangle and mark 13cm either side of the centre – this will be the opening for the neck. Stitch the first button in place where the neckline ends. Position three more buttons along each side of the neckline.

Sew a kimono top for a girl
Cute kimono top tutorial for kids