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This project is an excerpt from Love to Sew: Hanging Hearts by Rachael Rowe published by Search Press. Read our review of the book here, or purchase it here.

Button Heart


   Pattern piece A

   Piece of linen, 30 x 22cm (11¾ x 8¾in)

   Twine, 35cm (13¾in) long

   Small mother-of-pearl buttons


   Matching sewing thread

 Button Heart project


   Sewing machine

   Hand-sewing needle


   Fabric scissors

Button heart tutorial1 Fold the linen in half, right sides together, and pin on pattern piece A. Cut out.

2 Make the twine into a loop and knot the ends together. Pin the two heart shapes together, right sides facing, and trap the twine loop between the layers with the knotted end sticking out of the top. Sew the hearts together with a 1cm (½in) seam allowance, leaving a 5cm (2in) gap for turning on one straight side. Remember to backstitch at the beginning and end of the stitch line. Clip the curves and the point of the heart.Button project heart

3 Turn through and roll the seams gently to improve the shape. Stuff with small pieces of stuffing and hand sew the opening closed.

4 Sew the first button approximately 2cm (¾in) below the twine loop. Sew a second button at the point of the heart. Sew a third and a fourth button at the midway point on each side to create a framework.

5 Fill in the rest of the outline with buttons, making sure you keep approximately 2cm (¾) from the seam line of the heart.