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Rotary cutter for fabric

NT Cutter - Large Format Circle Cutters

Tools & Spare Blades

Discover the extensive selection of NT Cutter Tools and Spare Blades, featuring internationally acclaimed art & craft knives, vinyl cutters, car wrap cutters, rotary cutters, blades, and large format circle cutters on the website. Our tools are designed to handle various materials such as fabrics, PVC, wood, card, and paper with precision and accuracy.

Featured Item: OL-7000GP Oval Shape Cutting Tool

OL-7000GP Oval cutter, cuts neat oval shapes in fabrics, card, paper, and light weight wood sheets

NT Cutter OL-7000GP cutting tool is perfect for creating customized artwork and photo frames by cutting both circle and oval shapes with a 45 degree bevel edge finish on mat boards.

With the ability to cut circles ranging from 20 to 36cm in diameter and ovals ranging from 17:21 to 38:42cm, this tool provides versatility in its cutting capabilities.

Additionally, the adjustable blade depth can be set to accommodate the thickness of the material being cut.

Many more types of Large Format Circle Cutters & spare blades available online at 

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