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Essential Feet for your Brother Sewing Machine

 Essential feet to buy for your sewing machine

This two part series highlights the most useful sewing machine feet to buy for your Brother Sewing Machine and what they do. You can read part one here

Binding foot for Brother Sewing Machines 

Binding Foot Art. No. XC1955052    £14.99

Binding is one of those things that many of us do not like sewing. Doing it the traditional way means sewing one side with your machine, and then painstakingly hand sewing the other side whilst trying to keep your stitches invisible. With the binding foot you can attach both sides of the binding at once, by machine, no hand sewing necessary. A great time saver!

There is also an adjustable version of this foot that allows you to sew different widths of binding. It’s product number XF7243001 (£24.99)


Blind stitch foot for Brother Sewing Machines

Blind Stitch Foot
Horizontal Art. No. XC1957052 Vertical Art. No. XC1976052   £14.99

This foot allows you to create a blind hem on a variety of fabrics. As the name would suggest a blind hem is a non-visible/barely visible hem. It’s perfect for curtains, bottom hems and anywhere else you don’t want your stitching to be visible. There will be a slight dot of thread visible on the right side of the fabric for each stitch so it’s recommended you use a matching thread that blends in to achieve the invisible stitch effect.


Bi-level foot for Brother sewing machines

Bi-Level Foot   
Right XH2012001 Left XH2023001 both £14.99 each

This new foot from Brother is perfect for top stitching uneven or thick seams (such as denim, tweed etc). I can see this would come in very handy when bag making as you often end up with several thick layers to top stitch. It would be handy for dressmaking with bulkier fabrics as well.

To see the bi-level foot in action take a look at this video. 


Clear view sewing machine foot

Clear View Foot
Horizontal Art. No. XC1958052 Vertical Art. No. XG6595001   £14.99

This clear plastic foot gives you increased visibility of your needle and the stitches it is doing. Making it perfect for top stitching and decorative stitching as well as applique. It will help improve your precision.


Adjustable zipper and piping foot

Adjustable zipper and piping foot
Art. No. XC1970052   £14.99

This foot can be adjusted so your needle is right at the edge of the foot, either on the left or right side, allowing you to stitch right up against the edge of a zip or piping cord. It would also be useful when top stitching very near the edge of your fabric. There’s a video which shows you how it works here.

Brother also sell a piping foot (Art. No. XF2860001) which straddles the piping cord, holding it securely in place as you sew. £14.99


Stitch guide foot for sewing curves

Stitch Guide Foot
Art. No. XC1969002   £14.99

This foot has a metal piece which protrudes to the right, with markings on it every 2mm.  This allows you to maintain an accurate seam a fixed distance from the edge. It works for sewing both straight and curved lines and is another foot which will help improve your precision.

There’s a video here showing how you can use this foot to keep your stitching lines an equal distance apart.


 How to sew gathers and ruffles

Gathering Foot
Art. No. XG6589001   £14.99

This foot simultaneously sews and gathers 2 layers of fabric at the same time. It’s great for attaching skirts for bodices, making ruffled skirts, adding ruffled details to clothing etc.  As well as being handy in dressmaking you can use it to add ruffle detail to bags, cushions, aprons etc.

Note that the gather foot is different from the ruffle foot which we featured in our previous article, that foot produces much more dramatic ruffles. A good feature of the gather foot is it can gather one piece of fabric whilst sewing it to another piece of fabric that it keeps flat during stitching.

There’s a comparison of the ruffle foot and gather foot here.


All of the feet and accessories mentioned above can be purchased through your local Brother dealer (use their dealer locator to find yours) or online via stockists including Sew EssentialJaycotts and Exeter Sewing Machine Company. You can also view the full range of Brother Sewing machine feet and accessories on the Brother website. 


If you missed the first part of this series visit Must have Brother Sewing Machine Feet Part 1

Must have sewing machine feet for your Brother Sewing Machine