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Boxy Pouch Project

Boxy Pouch project

This boxy pouch project has been written by Lynne Sharpe.  Lynne is a Textile Artist who runs The Make It Room from Howe Green near Chelmsford in Essex.  Lynne teaches a wide range of craft workshops and courses.  Find out more by visiting http://www.themakeitroom.co.uk/

This versatile project can make a boxy lined purse, make up bag or pencil case with plenty of space inside.

For this boxy pouch project you will need:

2 fat quarters 

Zip (at least 30 cm long)

Lightweight iron-in interfacing

Co-ordinating sewing thread

Make a boxy purse

Step 1

Cut two rectangles of fabric measuring 20 cm by 25 cm from the outer fabric and two rectangles the same size from the co-ordinating fabric for the interior of the bag.  Place the lining pieces to one side for later. 

Take the exterior fabric and on one of the long sides of each piece turn under a centimetre and a half seam using the iron, this will provide a straight edge for zip insertion.

Make up bag project

Step 2

Cut two pieces of interfacing slightly smaller than the fabric pieces (this is to ensure it does not stick to your ironing board) and iron into place on the wrong side of both pieces of fabric.

 It is not necessary to use interfacing under the seam edge which has been turned.

Inserting a zip into a purse

Step 3

Turn both pieces of fabric over so that the right side is facing upwards and the folded edges are in the centre.

Place the zip right way up centrally under the pieces, the puller of the zip should be about 1.5cm from the edge of the seam and the spare zip at the other end left outside.

Pin the zip in place and tack down each side, make sure you tack from the top on both sides; this will ensure that the zip lays flat.

How to sew a zip

Step 4

Machine in place using a zipper foot.  Machine from the top of the zip on one side, undo the zip a few inches and machine the first section, keep the needle in the material and do the zip up to the top, this will ensure straight stitching. 

Remove from the machine, then machine from the top of the zip down on the other side, again repeating the instructions for the first side, at the bottom leave the needle in the fabric and machine across the seam and zip to hold in place.

Once sewn check that the zip works and make sure you leave the zip half undone!


Projects from The Make It Room

Step 5

Line up the bottom edges and place right sides together, machine along this line a centimetre and a half in from edge to edge.  Press the seam open without creasing the rest of the fabric.

Sewing a zippy pouch

Step 6

Flatten the tube so that the bottom seam sits on top of the zip with the zip half open and pin across the two side seams, straight across the zip.

Machine one and a half cm seam along each edge.  Trim off the excess zip level with the edge of the fabric.


How to sew a zipped purse

Step 7

Pinch the corners out and flatten, lining the side edge up with the bottom seam to form a triangle, measure from the tip of the triangle about 2 and a half centimetres, the bigger the corner is, the deeper the purse will be.

Make a boxed pencil case

Step 8

Pin and sew across in a straight line, sew two corners at one side and turn just to see if you are happy with the shape, turn back and machine the other two corners in the same fashion, snip the corners, leaving 1 cm from the stitching .

Turn out to the right side and trim any remaining threads. 


Lining a boxed purse

Step 9

Take the two pieces of fabric for the lining and turn the edges as before along two long sides, place the right sides together, match and machine the bottom seam.

Home sewn gifts
Make a boxy pouch

Step 10

Flatten in the same way as above, line bottom seam up with opening and machine along the two sides.

Sew a lined pouch

Step 11

Once the lining is sewn, leave with the wrong side showing and place inside the outer bag, matching corners to make sure it fits well.

Stitch a bag lining

Step 12

Pin the lining in place around the zip and hand stitch to finish neatly.

Boxy Pouch project

To find out more about craft classes at The Make It Room please visit: http://www.themakeitroom.co.uk/