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Bosal Stitch and Steam

I visited the Bosal stand at the trade show and they kindly gave me some of their innovative products to try out.  I was planning to review them all in one review but then realised I had so much to say about each one I’d be best to review them individually.

Bosal Stitch and Steam how to use it

First up is the Stitch and Steam, this product is used for creating textured fabrics.  It is like a light silky paper which you stitch onto your fabric by sewing several rows of stitches.  The closer together the rows the more crinkly the fabric will go.  There are details of how much the fabric will shrink on the back of the packet, along with instructions for use.  You get 10 A4 sheets of it in a packet, I used 1 sheet for the project below.

Bosal Stitch and Steam product review      Stitch and Steam instructions

TIP – Check how much your fabric will shrink and ideally don’t cut your other pieces until you have shrunk the piece you are shrinking just in case it ends up slightly smaller or larger than expected. 

I decided to sew a makeup bag using the crinkle effect on half the fabric (plain fabric) with printed fabric on the other half.  I cut the fabric and then pinned the stitch and steam to it as instructed.  Next I drew on the stitching lines with chalk, I varied the distance between the lines as I wanted to see how it would change the effect.

TIP – If you don’t want to mark all the lines on draw your first line, making sure it’s straight.  Stitch that line and then for the next one line the edge of the presser foot against the stitching and sew the next line.  The width between the lines will be half the width of your presser foot, repeat this for evenly spaced straight stitches.

How to sew with stitch and steam

I did my stitches in pink as I wanted them to stand out on the purple fabric.  I left about an inch all the way around to allow me to sew the piece of fabric onto other pieces.  In hindsight I wish I had left more, once crinkled it’s hard to get the edges flat to attach to another piece of fabric.  I ended up spreading the fabric as flat as I could with my hand and then pinning it into place.

TIP - Leave a couple inches or so all around so the edges aren’t too crinkly to sew with.

Bosal Stitch and Steam product review      How to make textured fabric

In the pictures above I have used my scissors to illustrate how much the fabric shrunk after steaming.  To shrink the fabric you have to hold the iron just above the fabric and press the steam button, do bear in mind that the fabric will curl upwards as it retracts.  If you find any bits didn’t crinkle very much apply steam to them again until they do. 

Bosal Stitch and Steam product review

After shrinking the fabric I sewed it onto the print fabric and then added a Kaffe Fassett shot cotton lining and sewed it into a make up bag.  I think looking at the finished project next time I would probably sew the bag all in one fabric and just stitch a strip of the stitch steam across the middle to add some texture.   I saw a messenger bag at the trade show where the whole front flap of the bag had the crinkle effect which looked really good.

Make up bag made with Bosal Stitch and Steam Crinkle effect make up bag

In conclusion I found Stitch and Steam easy to use and it adds a really interesting texture to your fabric.  After using it once I would do a few things differently (read tips above) but I am sure I will be using it again.

Bosal products are distributed in the UK by Hantex.