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Beaded Clutch Bag Project

How to sew a peacock beaded clutch bag

This project is designed by Little Miss Fancy Frocks, the dynamic mother and daughter duo who lovingly create handcrafted clothing for adults and children. Visit their Facebook page here

Be as proud as a peacock with your new clutch bag, designed to add glitz to a special outfit for a wedding or a summer ball.

Free beading peacock project

You will need…

Main fabric – 1 piece 30cm x 28cm, 2 strips 28cm x 4cm, 2 strips 30cm x 28cm

30cm of fabric to line the bag

30cm x 40cm fusible (medium/heavy weight)

1 bag clasp

7mm twisted graphite bugle beads  (Gutermann 9395)

7mm straight green bugle beads (Gutermann 8535)

4mm pearl beads, ice blue

Seed beads, graphite

Seed beads, turquoise

Fluorescent beads, blue

Beads, green

8mm sequins, royal blue

8mm sequins, turquoise

8mm sequins, green

5mm sequins, royal blue

4mm sequins, turquoise

1cm squared paper for the design

You will also need a pair of scissors, tacking thread and a needle for embroidery plus a beading needle and a transfer pen. You will need a sewing machine to make the bag.

Drawing a peacock design for a bag


The sketch has been produced using centimetre squared paper. Draw out your own template using our design above as a guide.

How to transfer a design onto fabric

Preparing the fabric for beading

Transfer the image onto the fabric using a transfer pen.

Iron the fusible interfacing onto the wrong side of the fabric.

How to sew beads onto fabric

How to – Sewing individual bugle beads/couching bugle beads

Using double thread and a knot to start, bring the thread onto the surface of the fabric and thread it through the bugle bead. Take the thread back to the underside of the fabric – the stitch should be the same width as the bugle bead.

For the radiating lines on the peacock we couched the bugle beads. Bring the thread onto the surface of the fabric and thread the beads along the length (we used approximately 15 bugle beads to fit each line). Take the thread to the wrong side of the fabric at the end of the line and catch stitch the thread of beads to the fabric every two beads.

Beads are sewn in place in the same way as the bugle beads, keeping the length of each stitch the same length or width of the bead.

How to sew sequin beads to fabric

How to – Sewing sequins/beads

Bring the thread onto the surface of the fabric, through the sequin and the bead and take the thread back through the centre of the sequin to the underside of the fabric.

Beginner's beading tutorial

Beading the peacock design

Step 1 – Twisted graphite bugle beads

Beginning at the centre and radiating out to the edge, couch the twisted bugle beads in place.

How to bead a peacock
Step 2 – Straight green bugle beads

Sew the straight green bugle beads in place individually along line 1 and line 4.

How to add sequins to fabric
Step 3 – Sequins

In area 4 stitch the 8mm royal blue sequins in place with the turquoise seed beads in the centre of each sequin.

In area 3 stitch the 8mm green sequins in place with the ice blue beads in the centre of each sequin.

In area 2 stitch the 8mm turquoise sequins in place with the blue beads in the centre of each sequin.

In area 1 stitch the 5mm royal blue sequin in place with the blue beads in the centre of each sequin.

Complete the sequins by stitching the 4mm turquoise sequins in place with the graphite seed beads.

Elegant beaded clutch bag project
Step 4 – Fluorescent blue beads

Couch the fluorescent blue beads in each section above and below the outer line of green bugle beads and above the turquoise sequins.

How to make a peacock themed bag
Step 5 – Large turquoise beads, 1st row

On the outer edge, next to the fluorescent beads couch the turquoise beads in place.

How to make a peacock from beads
Step 6 – Large turquoise beads/ second row and peacock body

Couch a second row of turquoise beads along the outer edge of the peacock and fill the body and outline the head of the peacock.

Beaded clutch free tutorial
Step 7 – Strips of turquoise seed beads

Couch turquoise seed beads either side of the sequins extending from line 2 to line 4.

Use two graphite seed beads for the peacock’s eyes, and four turquoise beads to complete the head.

DIY clutch bag project
Step 8 – Graphite seed beads around base of peacock and final rows of graphite twisted bugle beads

Fill the base of the peacock with graphite seed beads and stitch two graphite bugle beads for the feet. Couch a second row of graphite bugle beads along the base and two rows on the outer edge of the peacock.

How to make a clutch bag - step by step instructions

Making the clutch bag

Assemble the beaded design, lining and fabric edging strips to bind the edges of the bag.

How to bind a clutch bag
Binding the top/bottom edges of the clutch bag

Tack the lining to the wrong side of the main beaded piece.

Use the shorter strips with right sides together stitch the shorter strips to the top and bottom of the bag. Use a 1cm seam allowance.

How to hand stitch binding
Hand stitching the binding in place

Fold over the raw edge of each strip and place the folded edge onto the row of stitchingSecure with hand stitching.

Learn how to sew bags

Binding the sides of the clutch bag

Fold over the end of the bag 12cm and pin in place. Pin the longer strips in place, right sides together and machine stitch using a 1cm seam allowance. Complete the binding in the same way as the top and bottom edges.

How to bind corners
Binding the corners

Fold the bottom of the binding up before you turn the side over – it will give a neater finish.

How to add binding

Hand stitch the binding in place as you did in the earlier step

Clasp fastening on a clutch bag
Add the clasp

If you are unsure how to add a clasp we have a tutorial here for you. 


Elegant beaded peacock clutch bag project