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Baby Travel Changing Mat Project

How to make a portable changing mat for a baby

This tutorial has been written by Jenny Harkness from Winney & Rose.  She teaches sewing workshops for home interiors and sells a selection of handmade items for the home or gifts. 

This is one of my most favourite items that I make and sell. There are so many lovely fabrics around. I have got 2 so they match different changing bags. This travel baby changing mat project makes a great gift for a yummy mummy.

They are completely washable as long as you buy good washable cotton fabric. Mine are washed every week or so and are fine.


½ metre of washable cotton fabric.  If it has a definite pattern you may need to buy ¾ metre

1 towel.  A clean old one would do or pick up a cheap new hand one

A pretty button

10cm of ½ cm elastic

Patch to embellish if you want

Sewing machine

Tread, pins, scissors


To Sew

Cut the fabric into 2 pieces. Each 40cm x 60cm. Then cut 1 piece from the towel 40cm x 60cm.

How to sew a baby changing mat

Now stack the pieces ready for sewing. First place the towel piece flat, next one of the fabric pieces right side facing up. Finally, the other piece right side face down. Pin all the way round. Use plenty of pins as the towel can stretch.

Free baby changing mat patterns

On one of the long sides, measure ¼ of the way up and mark with a pin. Fold your piece of elastic in half and slide between the 2 pieces of fabric. Make sure the loop is facing inwards.  Pin in place

How to make a travel changing mat

Machine round the 2 long sides and 1 of the short sides. On the last, short side, machine along ¾ of the way leaving a big enough gap to turn through.

DIY simple changing pad

Remove pins and turn through. Fold the open section in and hand sew closed.

How do I make a baby changing mat?

Sew the button on exactly opposite the elastic loop

Fold up portable baby changing mat project

Well done. Ready for your baby to use. You will get lots of lovely comments I’m sure. Please email pictures of your creations or share them on the Winney & Rose Facebook page.