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Felt Baby Mobile Project

Baby mobile project

This cute animal baby mobile project has been designed by Little Miss Fancy Frocks – the dynamic mother-daughter duo who lovingly create handcrafted clothing for adults and children. Visit their Facebook page here.

Hantex have kindly sponsored this article. Take a look here to find a stockist for their products.

Create this charming hand made felt animal mobile as a gift for a baby. It is made in felt and uses simple hand stitches to complete. An ideal craft project for keen crafters.

Hand sewing project with felt

You will need…

Orange felt 25cm x 20cm

Beige felt 35cm x 35cm

Black felt 25cm x 20cm

White felt 15cm x 15cm

Pink felt 15cm x 15cm

(We used Fiesta Acrylic Felt from Hantex) 

Sewing threads – black, white, beige, pink and orange

Black and white embroidery threads

Toy stuffing

2 metres of piping cord – size 0

1 circular hoop for hanging the mobile (you could use an embroidery hoop)

You will also need a sewing needle and a pair of scissors

Baby Mobile Template

Zoo animal baby mobile pattern and project made with felt


Using the Baby Mobile Template provided cut out two pandas, two giraffes, two elephants and two tigers.

Use the checklist provided below for the animal features:

  • Panda – 4 white circles (face and tummy), 4 black eyes, 2 black noses and 4 white inner ears
  • Giraffe – 2 pink mouths, 4 pink inner ears, 4 black eyes, and 10 body splodges
  • Elephant – 2 beige outer ears, 2 pink inner ears and 2 black eyes
  • Tiger – 2 white mouths, 2 black noses, 4 black eyes, 4 white inner ears and 16 black stripes

Mark the mouths and eyes on the animal faces and the eyebrows on the elephant and the paws on the feet. Make sure you are doing it on reverse sides so both the sides that will be facing outwards have the details on.

TIP: you may find it useful to position the shapes on the animals as we have done above to ensure you have cut out the correct number of features.

Felt baby crib mobile project with animals

Using single sewing thread and running stitch secure the mouth pieces to the panda, giraffe and tiger. Stitch the ears to the elephant.

Using 3 strands of embroidery thread stitch the paw and mouth details in chain stitch or straight stitch. Stitch the elephant eyebrows and lips in the same way.

Free projects to sew for babies

Using single sewing thread stitch the eyes, ears and noses onto each animal shape.

How to hand sew a mobile for a baby with felt

Using single sewing thread stitch the stripes on the tiger and the splodges on the giraffe.

How to make felt mobile animals

Tack the animal shapes together.  Tacking will give you a neater edge to stitch the shapes together. Using loop stitch and single sewing thread stitch around the shapes leaving a small gap to lightly stuff them. Stitch the gap with loop stitch.

Felt animal mobile pattern free

Using double sewing thread stitch through the top of each animal ready to attach to the hoop.

How to sew a felt animal mobile for a baby

Cut 4 lengths of piping cord, each measuring 50cm, fold in half and attach to the hoop. Tie the cords together to complete the mobile.

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