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 August Reviews part 2

The Busy Girls Guide to Sewing by Carrie MaclennanThe Busy Girls Guide to Sewing

Unlike most sewing books this book is not written from the perspective of an expert looking to teach you how to sew, but from that of a beginner inviting you to share her journey in learning to sew.

The author, Carrie, has called on her friends to write sewing projects starting from the very basic (pin cushion, needle case) to the more complex (a crafty fox, a pouffe, a skirt).  The projects increase in difficulty the further you get into the book so for a beginner it would best to start from the beginning and work through.  The projects are also split in to 3 groups based upon the time taken to make them (30 mins, 1 hour or less and 4 hours or less).Pincushion

What I really like about this book is all the extra information included between projects, on becoming involved in the craft community, the world of craft forums & blogs, running a craft party, sourcing second hand supplies, having a stall at a craft fair etc making this a lifestyle book as well as a project book.   This book would be a great resource for someone new to sewing and crafting.

This book is published by David & Charles


 Quilt a Gift For Little Ones

Quilt a Gift for Little Ones by Barri Sue Gaudet

If I had to sum this book up in 1 world it would be ‘adorable’, the pastel colour scheme and cute designs make are enough to make you broody!  I wish this book had bQuilt a Gift For Little Oneseen around when my son was a baby, but still the projects in the book would make great gifts for friend’s babies as well as for your own.

You may think from the title and cover image that the book will be full of quilts but it isn’t, there are only a few quilts in the book.  Other projects include a bunny comforter, a wall tidy, cute booties, a story time book and a play mat.  The projects vary in complexity, and time needed to make them from the quick and easy to the more time consuming complex projects. 

Each project gets several pages with detailed written instructions as well as colourful pictures and diagrams, all keeping with the pastel colour scheme.   You will find the templates at the back of the book along with a stitch guide and basic techniques section.

This book is published by David & Charles

Stumpwork by Kate SintonStumpwork

This book is part of the excellent reference series of Essential Stitch Guides from the Royal School of Needlework, which I have to say are a brilliant reference series.  Firstly, for those of you wondering what stumpwork is (I wasn’t sure myself to be honest) it is the name given to techniques used to give embroidery a 3d effect.

The book starts by telling you the history of stumpwork, followed by details of materials & equipment you will need.   The majority of the rest of the book consists of a useful stitch guide with clear photographs and a few projectStumpworks/examples incorporating the stitches so you can practice them and understand where and when to use them.

The latter section of the book covers a variety of techniques, including a chapter on stumpwork figures.  The book is easy to follow and will illustrated, a great guide for anyone looking to learn the basics of stumpwork.

This book is published by Search Press

. Tildas Studio


Tilda’s Studio by Tone Finnanger

This latest book in the Tilda range has 50 projects to create items with the Tilda feel.  Projects include fabric jewellery & embellishments, different versions oTildas Studiof the Tilda angel, bags and gadget cases amongst others.  My personal favourite is the felt slippers which look so snug and cosy.

There are a lot of large/full page photos in the books which immerse you into the pastel coloured floral world of Tilda.  There are a lot of projects in the book, of varying sizes, so there should be something for everyone, and it is good value for money.

Tilda’s Studio is published by David & Charles