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April Book Reviews

130 Little Quilt Blocks by Susan Briscoe

This book gives you instructions on how to cut out and make up 130 different sma130 Little Quilt Blocksll blocks which you can then incorporate into a variety of projects.  The first part of the book is dedicated to tools and techniques covering subjects such as piecing, appliqué and quilting.  It also gives you a few ideas as to the projects you can incorporate the blocks into.

The remainder of the book is a block dictionary, with the blocks divided into type including stars & pinwheels, Japanese odyssey, log cabin and country classics.  You get a photo of each block, a cutting list and instructions on how to make up each block. There are also quilt designs and project ideas scattered throughout.

This book is a great inspiration for people looking to incorporate more patchwork into their designs.  You can look inside the book here.

This book is published by Search Press 


Bunting and Pennants by Kate Haxell

This bBunting and Pennantsook is part of the 20 To Make Series which are small books with 20 different projects on a common theme.  I will admit I never thought there were 20 different types of bunting, but I was definitely proved wrong!  Each of these projects are distinctly different from the other, some are seasonal such as Christmas bunting and Valentine’s bunting and other use different materials and shapes to create a whole new look.

There is bunting for every occasion, as well as for every room of the house, from the very simple ‘Almost Instant Bunting’ to the more complicated ‘snow Flake bunting’.   Even I, who to be honest have never really seen the appeal of bunting, am very tempted to have a go at some of these projects!   The author makes it look very easy with clear instructions and inspiring photos.

This book costs just £4.99 and can be purchased from the Search Press website

 400 Art Deco Motifs

400 Art Deco Motifs by Graham Leslie Mc Mallum

This book is a great source for inspiration in textile work, and artwork alike.  Whether you are looking for a quilting design, a border for a picture, a motif to incorporate into textile art or something to embroider onto cloArt Deco Motifthing, bags, blankets etc you will find plenty in here.

The designs are all in black and white, so you can add your own colours to them.  The motifs are sorted into categories which include flowers and plants, animals, birds and borders and patterns making it easy to find what you are looking for.  

The book itself is quite thick and chunky so it would be difficult to photocopy of scan directly from the book.  But they have thought of this and kindly included a cd rom at the back of the book with all the designs on.   These motif books make a great addition to any sewist’s library.

This book is published by Anova and can be purchased through their site

 Sensational Small Quilts

Sensational Small Quilts by Christine Doyle

This book contains 15 small quilt projects, to get you started with quilting, or help you experiment without the commitment of a full size quilt.  These projects can be used as wall hangings, throws or lap quilts. The book is split into 3 sections, the first aims to get you out of the quilting rut and trying something new, the second is full of scrap quilt ideas to help use your scraps up and the final section focuses on traditional quilts.Sensational Small Quilts

The quilts in the book are stunning, with a great use of vibrant colours to inspire you.  Each project has a details supplies list, cutting list and several pages of instructions, diagrams and photos to guide you through the techniques used and steps required to construct the quilt.  There is also a general instructions section at the front of the book and templates to the rear.

With contributions by Pam & Nicky Lintott, Maggie Ball and Katherine Guerrier amongst others this is a book quilters will love.   However, do bear in mind that this is a compilation of projects from other books so if you already have books by the contributors you may already have these projects.

This book can be purchased on the Stitch Craft Create website