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Applique Flower Tutorial

Applique flower tutorial

This applique flower tutorial was designed by Becky Skuse who loves sewing and all things crafty. She has been lucky enough to work in craft magazines for many years and she likes to make practical items for modern lifestyles, yet also enjoys making items with a little bit of whimsy. She blogs at and has an Etsy shop at

This floral applique is a great way to brighten up a garment or give it a new look. You can use the same technique to appliqué other designs onto your clothing, or onto projects you are sewing.


Printed cotton fabric is best for this flower

A flower shape at least 10cm in diameter

Fusible web (the same size as your flower shape)

Cotton thread

Hand-sewing needle

How to add applique to your clothing

Draw your flower shape onto the back of your fabric – you could draw the flower freehand or download a template. Make sure it’s at least 8cm in diameter – any smaller and the technique becomes very difficult. Add a seam allowance of around 1cm around the flower shape and cut out.

Fusible web applique technique

Place your flower right side down on top of the tacky side of your piece of fusible web, but don’t cut it out. Stitch the flower to the fusible web, using a 1cm seam allowance. Stitch all the way around and don’t leave a turning gap. Now you can cut out the flower shape from the fusible web. Then clip into the seam allowance around the outer curves of the petals, leaving a few millimetres between your cut and the seam line. At the point where the petals meet, make a cut as far as you can into the seam allowance, but be careful not to cut the stitch at the point.

Bondaweb applique technique

Now pull the two layers apart slightly, so that you can make a small cut into the layer of fusible web, without cutting the cotton fabric. Make the cut around 3cm long, or as small as you can, while also creating a turning gap large enough to pull the flower through.

How to use applique when dressmaking

Push the fabric through the turning gap to turn the flower through to the right side. Use a blunt-ended object (such as a blunt knitting needle) to gently push out the fabric around each of the petals. 

How to add a floral motif to clothing

Press the flower with an iron on a low heat, making sure there’s no moisture on your ironing board – the flower should easily peel off the board after pressing. Your appliqué flower is now finished and ready to fuse to another piece of fabric, such as a skirt or duvet cover. Sew it into place to secure.

Using floral fabric to create an applique motif

Rather than drawing a flower shape or using a template, you could cut out a flower motif from a piece of printed cotton fabric and turn it into an appliqué shape. To do this, cut out the shape roughly, leaving at least 1cm seam allowance around the edge.

How to attach applique to fabric

Place the flower right sides together with the fusible web and sew around the outside of the flower shape. Finish as for the blue flower to create a unique decorative motif.