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Advertise with The Sewing Directory

The Sewing Directory is one of the UK's premier sewing websites with 100,000 social media followers and around 1 million annual site visitors. We can help you connect to hundreds of thousands of stitchers and let them know about your sewing business. 

As well as listings in our directory we offer the following advertising opportunities:

Sidebar adverts - We have up to 24 adverts rotating randomly among the 6 slots you can see on the left hand side of the page. These show on every single page of our website. They work particularily well for online fabric shops, pretty shots of fabric tempt people to click through.

Sponsorship - The sponsors of our website get an extra level of promotion including promotional content on our site, a banner across the top of the site shown in random rotation with other sponsors, a directory listing, regular social media promotion and priority when wanting to run a giveaway. 

Content features - We can create bespoke content to help promote your products. 

Giveaways - We can run a giveaway with you to boost traffic to your site, increase your social media following or help you conduct market research. 


To find out more about our site and the advertising options we have available please use our contact form or e-mail Sewing directory contact to request our press pack. 


Advertising on The Sewing Directory