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Advent Calendar Project

Sew a fun advent calendar to be used for generations to come

This advent calender was designed by Susan Trevor and can be used year after year and passed down through the family for generations to come.

A jolly and Christmassy advent calendar that can be restocked yearly and used for generations to


1 metre of white cotton fabric
1/2 meter white cord
1/2 metre green felt
7 small black beads
50 mother of pearl buttons
3 very small black beads
1 special button
2 small buttons
9 bells small length of ribbon
2x 1/2 metre wooden dowelling Red, green, gold & black threads
Fabric paints in red, green, gold, yellow, black & blue



Advent Calendar Templates

How to sew the packets of an advent calendar


1) Cut 24 pieces of white cotton fabric (13 x 26cm each)

2)  Fold in half and iron.

3) With a small, straight stitch, sew three quarters of the way round. At the start and finish of this seam, go back about three stitches and then forward again using reverse stitch to strengthen.

4) Cut the excess off these seams and corners before turning the right way round.

5)  Iron all 24, with the loose edge ironed into the fabric square. This will be sewn up later.

6) Draw out and cut around the Advent Calendar Templates

7) Draw around these templates lightly and directly onto the white fabric squares. Most of the designs are bold & simple.

8) Using the fabric paints colour in the images. Fabric paints are easy to use and quick to dry. Once dry, iron to fix the dyes.

9) Using your darning foot, with the dog feed down and the stitch length at zero.  Free machine embroidery in the appropriate or contrasting colours around the images and numbers.

10)  Add the beads, buttons and bow by hand to the gingerbread man, snowman, robin, dove and
present to embellish. 

11)  Using the buttonhole stitch, make button holes in the middle at the top of each fabric square.
(This will make you an expert at buttonholes)

12) Take the half metre of green felt, making sure the edges are cut straight, fold over and sew a
seam along the top, giving enough allowance for your dowelling to fit snugly.

13) Starting at the top, sew a row of 4 buttons onto the felt. Button the first 4 squares to these, and pin the bottom of the squares too.

14) With a white thread in the machine, stitch around 3 sides, leaving an opening at the top to
form a pocket. (This also closes up the loose seam where the fabric was turned the right way round)

15)  Continue sewing down the buttons and fabric in rows until you reach the end.  Use an extra special button for the top of the Christmas tree.

16) Fold over the green felt at the end and stitch a seam in green thread, again wide enough to fit the dowel snugly.

17) Trim of excess felt. Sew the spare mother of pearl buttons down the sides, attach 9 golden bells at the bottom.

18) Attach the cord securely to the top.  Slide the two lengths of dowelling into the top and bottom seams.

Now it is ready to fill up with goodies of your choice each year. ENJOY! 

Advent calendar sewing project