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50 Projects to Sew With Fat Quarters of Fabric

 50 things to sew with fat quarters

Do you have lots of fat quarters of fabric in your stash and are looking for ideas of what to use them for?   We've rounded up 50 of our favourite fat quarter projects below for you, sorted by topic so you can get stash busting!

Some of them only require a single fat quarter, others require a few, making this the perfect excuse to go and buy some of those gorgeous fat quarter bundles you see in store ;)


 Free peg bag pattern


For The Home

Use your fat quarters to make beautiful handmade creations for your home including cushions, oven gloves and a pot holder.

Oven glove - This 2 in 1 tutorial includes a regular oven glove and a heart shaped oven glove

Envelope Cushions - These simple envelope cushions use 1 fat quarter each.

Tea Towels - These embroidered tea towels would make a great gift.

Carrier Bag Holder - Keep your plastic bags neat and organised with this handy project.

Pretty Peg Bag - This pretty peg bag sewing project is one of our most popular.

Placemat Set - A 6 fat quarter bundle wil make you a lovely set of placemats.

Pretty Pot Holder - This project can add a lovely colourful touch to your kitchen.

Fat Quarter Apron - Sew a pretty apron to use in the kitchen.

Fat Quarter Pillows Download this free pattern to turn your fat quarters into pillow cases.


Fat quarter storage projects

Storage solutions

Fat quarters are ideal for making fabric baskets - handy for storing all sorts of things in.

Storage Cube - Using 2 fat quarters cut into 7'' squares you get a pretty fabric box to store things in.

One Hour Basket - This large spacious basket uses 2 fat quarters of fabric and fits lots of fabric inside!

Nesting Fabric baskets - A few fat quarters can be used for these nesting baskets.

Quick Fabric Basket - This only uses 1 fat quarter in total and is quick and easy to make.

Divided Organiser Bucket - This useful storage box would be great in the car or home.

Can organiser - This organiser would be good for stationery or haberdashery supplies.

Armchair needlework organiser - So you can hand sew in front of the TV in the evenings.



Fat eighth bag project


Create beautiful bags using your fat quarter stash with the projects below.

Fat Quarter Drawstring Bag - Using just 1 fat quarter this is an easy to sew project.

Evening Bag - You can use either fat quarters or fat eighths for this beautiful evening bag.

Tote Bag - This bag is the ideal size for a shopping bag, fully lined it uses 6 fat quarters.

Cross Body Bag - This patchwork mini cross body bag was sewn from a fat quarter bundle.

Drawstring Backpack - All you need is 1 fat quarter of fabric and some ribbon to sew this bag.

Small Sewing Bag - Just 2 fat quarters needed to make this little bag for your sewing supplies.

Easy fat quarter bag - This pretty but simple lined bag uses the equivalent of 1 fat quarter.

Fat quarter handlbag - Just 1 fat quarter and some plastic handles make this stylish bag.

Lunch Bag - This tie top lunch bag will make sure none of your lunch falls out.

Clutch bag - 1-2 fat quarters make a handy little clutch bag.

Free purse sewing pattern 


 Pouches and purses

Zippy pouches and purses are the perfect size project for using up your fat quarters.

 Handy pouch - These cute little pouches would make a great gift.

Cute coin purse - This adorable little coin purse has a useful key fob on it too.

Boxy Pouch - This spacious pouch would be great as a make up bag or pencil case.

Triangle pouch - These fab triangle coin pouches use 1 fat quarter or scraps.

Simple zip pouch - This simple unlined pouch is a great way to learn to sew zips.

Kiss clasp purse - 2 fat quarters are needed to make this purse/bag.

Make up bag - Tackle both zips and buttons in this make up bag project.

Heart Shaped mini pouch - This cute mini pouch can clip onto your keys or handbag.

Ladies purse - This purse has plenty of space for coins, notes and cards.

Man's Wallet - Use your fat quarter to make a wallet for the man in your life.


 Sew a quilted ipad case

 Gadget Cases

Fat quarters are the ideal size for making cases for all your gadgets, phones, i-pads, tablets etc.

Bear Kindle Case - Make an adorable bear case for your Kindle.

Camera Cozy  - Keep your camera to hand with this camera case tutorial.

Quilted ipad mini case - This quilted iPad case will help protect your iPad.

eReader case with shoulder strap - This gadget case can be worn cross body.

Tablet Carrier Bag - This bag looks like a cute handbag and uses 3 fat quarters.

Fast Phone Case Project - This felt lined phone case only takes 10 mins to sew.

iPad & laptop cases - Two in one project for a laptop case and iPad case.

Fat quarter clothing projects

Clothing & Accessories

Fat quarters can also come in useful for clothing and accessory projects, especially for children's clothes.

Toddler's fat quarter dress - Only 4 fat quarters needed to sew this patchwork style dress.

Infinity Scarf - This 2 fat quarter scarf will keep you warm this winter.

Reversible Apron Top - Ideal for young girls - cute reversible top.

Fat Quarter Skirt for Adults - An adult size pattern for a skirt made from fat quarters.

Fat quarter Ruffle Shorts - Cute shorts with a little ruffle around the leg.

Baby Sun Bonnet - Sew an adorable baby sun hat with just 2 fat quarters.


For other Fat Quarter Project ideas do visit our Fat Quarter Pinterest board.


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