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 3 Simple Fleece Projects

3 easy projects to sew with fleece


Not only is fleece nice and warm and an affordable fabric but it’s also easy to sew. The edges don’t fray, which means you don’t have to worry about enclosing the raw edges when you sew. Technically you could get away with not hemming at all, or you can just do a simple single fold hem to make it look neat but without having to worry about the raw edge being exposed. This stops the edges from curling.

Pound Fabrics

Tip - Make sure you clean your machine, especially the bobbin area, after sewing fleece as the fluff builds up quickly. 

Our website sponsors, Pound Fabrics, have a selection of fleece fabric from just £3.95 per metre. We asked them to send us a few metres so we could see how many things we could sew from just 3 metres. We managed 3 quick and easy makes, tutorials below, which took under 2 hours in total and cost less than £12! We made a large fleece blanket, and envelope back cushion and a fringed scarf. 


Large fleece blanket project

Fleece blanket sewing project

Perfect for cuddling under on a cold day, fleece blankets are warm and snuggly. My son chose an anti-pill wolf print fleece fabric for me to make a blanket for him. I ordered 2m metres, it is 60 inches (just over 1.5m) wide.

You could cut it down to size before starting to sew if you want a smaller blanket, or just order a single metre. I decided to make it a large blanket to cover his double bed so I left it the size it was but I trimmed off the rough edges before I started sewing.


How to hem a blanket


To neaten the edges and prevent them from curling I did a single fold half inch hem, and stitched with a dark grey thread to help the stitching blend into the fabric.


How to sew the corners of a blanket


For the corners I cut a half inch deep triangle off and folded the edges in so it looks like a mitred corner as per the image above. It is a very quick and easy project.


Fleece cushion project


How to sew a fleece cushion

I opted to sew an envelope back cushion to keep this project simple, no zips! I used a dolphin print fleece, cutting the front panel the same size as my cushion pad, and the 2 back panels the same width as the cushion pad but half the height plus 3 inches extra on each panel. This will allow them to overlap on the back of the cushion. My cushion pad was 18 inches squared so my front panel was 18 x 18 inches, and the back panels 18 inches wide by 12 inches high.


How to sew a fleece cushion


Start by hemming 1 long edge along one long side of each of the back panels, these are the parts that will overlap in the centre. Fold the fabric half an inch in towards the back, and stitch into place. 


Envelope back cushion sizing calculations 


Place your front panel right sides up, put the 2 back panels right sides down positioned so one aligns with the top and sides of the front, and the other aligns with the bottom and sides. They should overlap for a few inches in the middle.

Pin them into place, or use Wonder clips to hold them in place as I do. Sew around the edge using a ¼ an inch seam allowance.

Trimming corners to reduce bulk


Trim your corners to reduce bulk before turning through. Then turn through so the right sides of the fabric are facing outwards, poke out the corners then insert the cushion pad and your cushion is finished! The fleece makes it prefect for cuddling.


 Fringed fleece scarf project

No sew fleece scarf tutorial 


This project is so simple it doesn’t require any sewing! You just need to cut your fleece to the desired length and width, I went for 6 inches wide and the full length of the fabric, 42 inches. If you prefer a longer scarf you could cut the full width of the fabric instead which for this particular fabric is 60 inches. Trim off any rough edges.


Easy projects to sew with fleece


To create the fringe on either end cut several strips 4 inches in from either end of the scarf around half an inch apart.

Voila, your scarf is finished and ready to use! 

Browse the full range of fleece fabrics available from Pound Fabrics here. 


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