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Celebrities who sew

Ten surprising celebrities who sew

Katherine Heigl has been spotted in several magazines and newspapers talking about her love of sewing.  There have been pictures of her shopping for fabric and choosing a sewing machine (Bernina if you were interested).  Tom Cruise shortly before his split with Katie Holmes bought her a sewing machine for her birthday, although she didn't disclose the make and model.

We found 10 surprising celebrities who can sew, including 3 very well known famous men!  If you want to see the original source which confirm that these celebrities sew click on their names.

Gwen Stafani sewing
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Gwen Stefani

Queen of cool Gwen says that sewing runs in her family. Her grandmother and mother both sew and when she got older she was very into making her own clothes too.  She now has 2 successful clothing lines L.A.M.B and Harajuku Lovers.

Chris Martin Coldplay sewing
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Chris Martin

Introducing the first of our celebrity male stitchers, Chris Martin from the band Coldplay.  He and his fellow band members apparently love sewing their own clothes.  'It gives us some control over our visual identity' he explains.

Britney Spears sewing
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Britney Spears

Whilst on tour in Sweden in 2011 Britney tweeted a picture of herself having a sewing lesson from her wardrobe staff.  Whether she continued sewing after that lesson has not been covered in the media, but I'd like to think it inspired her to learn more.

Julia Roberts sewing hobby
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Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is another who has been taking sewing lessons. She has been making cushions for her twins, and trousers for husband Danny.   She has been taking up new hobbies including sewing to 'stop her brain from turning to mush' as she gets older.

George Clooney sewing skills
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George Clooney

George came to his date's aid when her zip broke on her dress.  He said he had tailoring experience and deftly stitched up the back of her dress.  Who would have thought it?

Eva Longoria sewing hobby
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Eva Longoria

Ex-Desperate housewife Eva likes to be like a 1950's housewife in real life and professes her love of both sewing and baking. She hacked a fancy dress costume into a dress to wear to Serena Williams' baby shower.

David Arquette takes sewing lessons
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David Arquette

The Scream actor and his rock star friend Ben Harper used to run the clothing line Propr.  He signed up for sewing lessons to help him become the best designer that he could. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see a video with him talking about why he learned to sew.

Leona Lewis sews her own dresses
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Leona Lewis

The 2006 X Factor winner has both designed and made her own clothes for red carpet events in the past.  She actually set up a short lived clothing label with her boyfriend, LOA Clothing.  In the picture here she is wearing a top she designed herself.

Dannii Minogue sewing
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Dannii Minogue

Dannii revelead that sewing skills came in handy as she often got Kylie's hand me downs and wanted to personalise them herself.  Upcycling before it even became trendy!

Hilary Duff sewing patterns
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Hilary Duff

Actress and singer Hilary is so into sewing that she designed a range of sewing patterns with McCalls!  She also spoke about sewing Christmas presents for her family a few years ago.


Written by Fiona Pullen