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 Sewing Apps


Sewing apps for mobile phones

Many of us are now using smart phones, downloading apps for our favourite hobbies and interests.  Did you know there are several sewing, quilting and craft apps available?  They allow you to find local classes, clubs and exhibitions, track your stash and projects, learn through your phone and much more.  Find the details below and click the links to download or find out more. 


Classes and Courses


Online craft tutors Craftsy have an app for the iPad or iPhone which allows you to access any of their craft classes.  The app itself is free to download from  They offer online crafting classes in quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet, cake decorating, cooking, so with their app you can learn on the go.

 Craftsy sewing app

Craftsy App

Craft Candy

The Craft Candy app aims to connect you with local crafts whilst you are out and about.  Using GPS it can tell you where to find nearby craft classes, clubs and events.  You can narrow the search by craft type if you only want sewing related results.  It even brings up a map to help you find what you are looking for and you can ask it to give you directions.

Find the app here:

Craft Candy App, find out about craft classes in the UK

Craft Candy App

Fabric and Notions Organisation

Fabric Stash

If your stash is getting so large you are losing track of what’s in there this is the perfect app for you.  It allows you to photograph and catalogue your stash, ideal for when you are out looking for matching notions.  You can also add in a wish list so you will always have a fabric shopping list to hand (not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.....)

It is available on the iTunes store here.


Cora - Sew Your Fabric Stash

Cora is an iPhone, iPad, and iPod app that helps you sew your fabric stash. With Cora, whether you're out and about shopping for patterns or planning a project in bed, your fabric stash is always with you! Sort and search to sew up treasures you already have. The link is here.

 Cora fabric stash app for Apple

Cora App

Sew Awesome

This app allows you to store details, images, notes about your sewing stuff including fabrics, sewing tools and sewing terminology and track all your sewing projects. It's available for Android devices here.


Sewing Kit HD 3.0

Taking the Fabric Stash concept a step further this app allows you to catalogue your patterns, fabric, thread, notions, books and equipment.  You can scan the barcodes of products to instantly upload the details.   You can also track the progress of your sewing projects, take screenshots or photos of anything that inspires you and save the measurements of the people you commonly sew for.

It is available in the iTunes app store and you can get more information about it on the developer’s website


Log your stash with the Sewing Kit HD app

Sewing Kit HD 3.0



Project Quilt

This app is the way to organize your next quilt project, whether jotting down inspiration or planning it in detail. Plan and save as many projects as you wish and they are there when you are ready to sew. Available for Apple devices here.

Quiltography - Quilt Design Made Simple

You can scan your fabric, design quilt blocks or pick from traditional 180 quilt blocks to design your own quilts in this app which is available in the iTunes store.   It also includes a yardage calculator so you know how much fabric to buy for your quilt.


Easy Quilt

This is an app for the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch which teaches you to quilt like a pro.  It has step by step technique guides, charts and formulas, a glossary, guide to tools and supplies plus how to videos which don’t require an internet connection to run.

There is also an Easy Stitch version for knitting, crochet and embroidery.  Both of them are available in the iTunes app store.



BlockFab is a free quilt design app which lets you choose from 50 traditional blocks to try out quilt layouts and calculate the fabric requirements. Available for the ipad here.


Robert Kaufman quilting calculator

If quilting is your thing why not download the free quilting calculator from Robert Kaufman?  It is available from the iTunes store and the Google Play store for those on Android. It helps you to determine how much fabric you need, how much backing and batting, binding and border measurements.  Calculations are available in both yardage and metric.


Quick & Easy Quilt Block Tool

Also from the same publisher (C & T Publishing) there is an app to help you plan your quilt blocks.  It features 102 rotary cut blocks in 5 different sizes, with cutting instructions too.

Also available on both i gadgets and Android. 

Free-Motion Quilting Idea App

A new release from C & T Publishing this app has tutorials for 16 different all over free motion quilting designs. Find it in the Apple Store and for Android



TouchDraw is not specifically a sewing or quilting app, it's a vector drawing app.  However many quilters have realised that it is brilliant for designing quilts with.  Lynne from Lily's Quilts is a big fan and has some posts on her blog giving advice on using it for quilt design.

It's available of the ipad/Mac or Android.




Sewing Pattern Buddy 

Can’t find that pattern you know you have somewhere?  Been at the fabric shop, seen the perfect fabric to make that dress in your pattern collection, but didn’t know how much to buy?  Only have a metre of fabric and wondering what pattern you might be able to squeeze into it?  Accidentally bought the same pattern twice because you forgot you already had it? You need the Sewing Pattern Buddy app for Android to organise and catalogue your entire pattern collection! Find out more about this app here.

Download the app here

Sewing Pattern Buddy app

Sewing Pattern Buddy



An app from Simplicity Patterns to help you organise and sew your patterns - it's free too. Find it in the iTunes store here.


Pattern Pal

This app allows you to track your patterns, along with a couple of photos for each pattern, pattern notes plus details of the fabrics and notions associated with your patterns.  It is available from the iTunes store.





A new app for Apple products that lets you design your own charts for cross stitch, beading and other charted techniques. Contains the colour palettes for DMC threads too. Purchase the app here.



Are you one of those cross stitchers who can never keep track of all your threads? This app allows you to keep track of which DMC colours you own. All the DMC colours (including the 27 new ones added in 2002) are shown in easy to access lists, with a colour image as well as a brief description. Available for Apple products here.


Cross Stitch Guild

The Cross Stitch Guild have their own app which combines several apps in one including:

- A Madeira, DMC and Anchor colour shade app.

- A colour convertor app for when you are buying from different brands.

- A stitch count calculator that allows you to calculate the fabric size you need.

 - Plus apps which allow you to track your stash make supplies lists and track UFOs (UnFinished Objects not the extraterrestrial kind!).

This app is available from both the Google Play store and iTunes store and you can find out more about it here:

The Cross Stitch Guild Phone App

Cross Stitch Guild App

Embroidery Stitch Tools

For the embroiderers amongst you there are 3 apps from bestselling author Judith Baker Montano.  They increase in difficulty as you progress, plus there is a free taster app with 10 stitches.  The 3 main apps feature 50+ different stitches each, for both left and right handers, videos showcasing Judith’s techniques and useful tips and tricks.

They are available for both Android and iPhones/pads.  

Embroidery phone app from C & T Publishing

 Sewing Machines



Catering for quite a niche market FootBook is a guide to 90 different sewing machine feet for top loading Janome machines.  You get photos and text describing what each foot is and how to use it, plus videos demonstrating the foot in use.

Download the app here.


Apps for purchasing supplies

A couple of apps that may come in useful when either buying sewing supplies, or ordering handmade craft products are the Etsy App and the Not On The High Street App.   They could both allow you to do your Christmas shopping on the go.



The Etsy app allows you to shop from anywhere, and if you have an Etsy shop you can update it on the go too.  You can also use it to connect with members of the Etsy community.  It is available to download for free from both the Google Play store and iTunes.  Find out more on the Etsy site here.

Etsy craft app for buying and selling handmade goods

Etsy App


Not On The High Street Gift Finder App

This app helps you to quickly locate suitable gifts from the Not On The High Street site.  You can also save details of upcoming events (birthdays, weddings etc) and state the interests of the recipients to help the app locate the ideal gift.   

It is available on the iPhone and can be downloaded for free here.


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