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Techniques & Sewing Tips

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Dressmaking - Quilting - Fabric - Sewing Machines - Home furnishing - Hand Stitching - Bag Making



How to Use Sewing Patterns

How to use sewing patterns

How to get an accurate fit

Sewing tips from Lorna Knight - accurate fitting

Self covered cloth buttons guide

Fabric covered button tutorial

Interlining  What it is and when to use it

Beginners guide to interlining - what it is and how to use it

Garment Making techniques

Garment sewing techniques

How to sew sleeves

Learn how to sew sleeves

How to sew pockets - dressmaking techniques

Pocket Sewing Techniques

How to use a bias making tool

How to use a bias binding maker

How to sew an inset lapped zip - sewing tutorials and tehniques

Inset Lapped Zip Tutorial

Common Pattern Alterations

Common ways of altering a commercial sewing pattern

Learn how to sew with pdf patterns

How to use pdf sewing patterns

Tips for accurate sewing

Tips for accurate sewing from FairyFace Designs

Sewing with jersey - Stretch bias binding

Sewing with stretch bias binding

How to sew a hem with twin needles

Stitch a hem with double needles

 How to get a professional finish when sewing

 How to get a professional finish

How to sew a curved hem

Sewing a Curved hem sewing techniques

Corset Making Guide

   Corset Making

Sewing tips

Sewing tips dressmaking tips from Fabric Godmother

 How to Sew a Hem

How to Sew A Hem

Shirring Tutorial 

 Shrring tutorial how to sew a shirred top

 How to sew an invisible zip


Invisible Zip Tutorial


Introduction to interfacing    

 How to use interfacing

Sewing with knit fabrics how to sew jersey

Sewing with knits

Sewing with Felt

Sewing with felt

Customising clothes

 Customising your clothes

Altering a Pattern

 How to alter sewing patterns

 Upcycling tips and techniques


  Upcycling tips

Sewing glossary

Sewing terms sewing glossary

Sewing tips for beginners

 Sewing tips for beginners

Design your own sewing patterns

How to design and print your own sewing patterns

Sewing advice for beginners

Sewing tips for beginners  - Part 2


Guide to waterproof fabrics

Guide to sewing with waterproof fabrics - which to use when

American smocking techniques from Ruth Singer


American Smocking

 Indentifying Fabrics

 How to indentify fabrics - Fabric burn test
Design your own fabric UK

Design your own fabric

 How to sew with knit fabrics

 Sewing with knit fabrics how to sew jersey

Fabric Glossary

Fabric Glossary

Using a Sewing Machine

How to use your walking foot

How to use your walking foot

Introduction to Free Motion Embroidery

Free machine embroidery techniques

How to choose a sewing machine

Choosing a Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine Needle Guide

What sewing machine needle should I use?

How to use a twin needle on your sewing machine

How to use a twin needle

Maintaining your machine

How to look after your sewing machine
What sewing machine to use

Guide to sewing machine presser feet

 Sewing Machine Manuals

How to find a sewing machine manual for your sewing machine

How to use your sewing machine binding foot

How to use a binding foot

Ruffler Foot Guide

Learn how to use your ruffler presser foot

Sewing buttons with your sewing machine

How to sew buttonholes 

 Overlocking with a sewing machine

 How to overlock with a sewing machine

How to use a cut and hem foot to overlock with your sewing machine

How to use a cut and hem foot


 Revamp your Home


 Revamp your home - techniques and projects for helping you make over your home 

               Re-vamp your home             


Patchwork & Quilting Techniques

Needle turn applique tutorial for beginners

Needle turn applique tutorial

How to do English Paper Piecing

English Paper Piecing project

Learn how to use a bias binding maker

How to use a bias maker to make binding for your quilt

Applique Techniques

 How to sew applique
 Guide to machine quilting from Fat Quarterly Magazine

  Quilting 101

How to Tie a Quilt

How to tie a quilt
How to use a rotary cutter

Using a Rotary Cutter

Intro to patchwork & quilting terms

Introduction to patchwork and quilting terms


Hand Stitching

English Paper Piecing for Beginners

Learn how to do English Paper Piecing

Learn how to do cross stitch

             Cross Stitch for Beginners          

 Choosing Embroidery Needles

 Which needle to use when doing embroidery
How to transfer your embroidery design to fabric

Embroidery design transfer methods

 Embroidery design transfer with tissue paper

 Using tissue paper to transfer embroidery patterns to fabric

Handsewn applique tutorial

Needle Turn Applique


 Bag Making Techniques

How to sew bag handles How to add pockets to your bag

Fabric bag handles tutorial

Bag pocket techniques

Bag making techniques and tutorials for beginners  How to shape the bottom of your bag - bag making tutorials

Bag Making - Part 4

 Bag Bottom Shaping

The beginner's guide to bag making  Bag making for beginners - handles, frames and closures

Bag Making - Part 2

Bag Making - Part 3

Bag closures - Bag making techniques  Bag Making guide for beginners

 Bag Closures

 Bag Making - Part 1

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