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If you love fabric, haberdashery and all things sewing related then you will enjoy the features below.  Covering seasonal fabrics and supplies, organising your sewing room, sewing apps there's sure to be something you will enjoy. 

Sewing features


Designing for fabric printing

Book review of Sewing for Babies and Children

Where to buy EPP supplies

Guide to pins for sewing

Find the best quilting tools

Learn to craft online

Indie Christmas Fabrics New sewing magazine 2016

Book review - a Beginner's Guide to Making Skirts

Bag pattern designers Learn creative textiles skills

Article on sewing tools Sew for your holiday

Find out about fashion designer Esme Young

popular dressmaking patterns from the Spring and Summer

Gifts to make for men

Fabric stash clubs in the UK

The Great British Sewing Bee ultimate resource

Quilt patterns in the UK

Projects to sew for mother's Day

Ultimate List of Independent Dress Pattern Designers

Dress Pattern Designers  A - H

Dress Pattern Designers I - P

Dress Pattern Designers R - Z


All about sewing classes


Book reviews of sewing and quilting books
How to make your own labels
How to design your own fabric print
What to buy for someone who sews for Christmas
Where to buy Festive Fabrics on the internet
Guide to choosing and using an overlocker
Sewing and Quilting Holidays UK, Rurope and America
Best sewing books for beginners
Guide to low volume fabrics and where to buy in the UK
Collecting and using vintage fabrics in your sewing projects
Buying grey fabrics onlline
How to organise your sewing space
 Sewing apps for your mobile phone
 Bargain Fabrics for under £6
 Where to find fabric shops UK
 Where to buy fabrics online UK
 Where to buy eco friendly fair trade fabrics
 Where to buy fabric bundles on the internet
 Celebrity sewers and crafters
 How to choose a sewing machine
 How to choose a sewing course
 Advice for when visiting sewing shows
 What is ethical fashion
 How to set up your own sewing group
 How to find a sewing group near you
 Where to buy beautiful buttons online in the UK
 Fabric printers in the Uk
 Fabric glossary - your guide to different fabrics
Where to buy fabrics for business online
 Sewing supplies for beginners
 Best sewing machines to buy for beginners
 The benefits of sewing

 Interviews with sewing celebrities

Reviews of sewing books UK

 Find some of our older features here, and interviews with sewing entrepreneurs, fabric and pattern designers and contestants of The Great British Sewing Bee.