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Joining The Sewing Directory

To register with The Sewing Directory please click here to complete the simple sign up process.  It costs £25 a quarter or £85 a year for a standard listing, or £50 a quarter/£175 a year for a sponsored listing. 

Included in this price you can add as many sewing and textile classes as you like to the workshops database, you don't pay per class.

To have an advert on the side of the site or for other promotional opportunities such as sponsored projects please contact Fiona Pullen contact details and ask for the press pack.

How to register with The Sewing Directory

Why list with The Sewing Directory?


  • The first and biggest UK Sewing Directory - Why get lost on a site listing thousands of types of businesses, this is the site for people looking soley for sewing related products and classes. 

    The Sewing Directory gets 100,000 - 140,000 sewing and quilting loving visitors a month looking for sewing classes, supplies and inspiration.  

  • Flexible - Unlike other directories we do not tie you in to year long terms, try it out and see how it goes, sign up to our quarterly subscription and not only does it break the cost down into affordable payments but you can cancel at any time.

  • Workshops database - You can add your individual sewing and textile related workshops to the workshops database whenever you like, for dates as far in advance as you like.   Most importantly at no extra charge!

  • Social Media Promotion - We promote many of our customers through Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest where we have over 60,000 followers.  We also include them in magazines features we write when we can, and in editorial content on the website.

  • More for your money - How many of you have found on the larger business directories they break sewing down into multiple niche categories so you end up having to pay for 4 or 5 categories instead of one. We charge just the one fixed price regardless of how many categories you fall under. Also unlike other directories we do not charge extra for you to have a link back to your website.

  • Range of payment options - Not only do you get the choice of paying quarterly or annually but you can pay online (debit card, credit card or Paypal) or offline (cheque or bank transfer).

  • Ease of use - We have have tried to make the site clear and simple to use with the search bar available on all pages.  We have a quick and easy registration process that you can go back to at any time and you have the option to edit your listing whenever you want.

  • Helpful - If you can't get to your computer and need to add or update a listing then just give me a call and I'll do it for you.  Any problems or queries then contact me through the site, by e-mail or phone and we will get back to you asap.

  • Community minded - We do not charge sewing groups to list on the site as most are run not for profit.   Read below to find out how to add a free listing for your local sewing group.


How to Advertise with us

Click the 'sign up' option at the top right hand of the screen to start the registration process or click here.  Create your user account by entering your contact details and choosing a password, select the coverage you require and input your business details and choose your category then proceed to payment.  If you teach sewing classes and want to add details to our workshops page you will have the chance to do that too during the sign up.

Sewing groups - If you are registering a sewing group then please select the 'other payment options' to get your free listing. Note - A free listing will not let you add classes to workshops database. If you run classes you need a paid listing.

If you need help determining which category you require please read the guide below:


Local Sewing Suppliers

If you provide any supplies that could be used for sewing whether it is sewing machines, fabric, needles, threads, beads, buttons etc and you have a bricks & mortar shop then you fall under the local suppliers section of the site.  Please select county for the area of coverage and choose the county your shop is in.

Sewing Machine Servicing

If you offer a sewing machine servicing or repair service then please list your business in this category.  Choose county or regional for the geographic coverage and select the county, or counties you offer your services in.

Online Sewing Suppliers

If you sell your products online through your website or any online marketplace then this is the category for you.  Please select national coverage to ensure your listing appears in all counties.

Sewing Courses

If you offer courses or classes teaching sewing or sewing related techniques, whether it is regular weekly courses, weekend workshops or sewing holidays you fall under the sewing courses section of the site.  Please select the county coverage option and choose the county you are located in.  If you often have people come from neighbouring counties then choose regional and select all the relevant counties.

Sewing Groups

If you run a Guild group eg. Embroiderer's Guild, a stitch and bitch group or a local sewing group, whether it is a formal group which meets on a regular basis or a group of friends who meet to sew and chat and would welcome a few more people to join you then you would fall under the Sewing groups section of the site.  This listing is free of charge but does not allow you to use the workshops database.  It is only for sewing groups not profit making classes.

Sewing Patttern Designers

For independent pattern designers to promote their sewing patterns.  Not for people who sell other people's patterns, soley for people who design their own.

If you fall under more than one category please contact me to let me know which additional categories you would like us to add your listing into.

           Find out more about why the Sewing Directory was created here.